5th grade website information:

Expectations  and Discipline Policy:

            We hold our students to a high standard in regards to their behavior.  We believe that students thrive in an environment in which they first and foremost feel safe; And secondly, feel cared for and are respected by their teachers and their peers.  In order to ensure that we meet these expectations below are some of the 5th grade behavior expectations.  The motto of the school is “Be nice. Work hard.  Be on task. Be on time.”  Our guidelines and behavior expectations originate with these principles in mind.


  • Walk in a straight line and silently whenever transitioning through the hallways.
  • Homework is given every night and we expect it to be completed every night.
  • Call/text or ask a teacher when help is needed.
  • Be kind to one another!
  • Raise your hand in class when when you wish to speak or make a comment.
  • Show the paycheck to the parents every night and get it signed every night.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated.

Discipline policy:

  • 1st offense: Verbal or non-verbal warning.
  • 2nd offense: Money deducted from paycheck
  • 3rd offense: Call to parent/guardian
  • 4th offense: Speak with Assistant Principal or Principal

*Depending on the severity and type of the offense, a teacher may at their discretion decide to give a silent lunch, make a call home or have the student speak with the Principal or Assistant-Principal.

 5th grade team policy:

            We do not only have high expectations of our students, but of ourselves as a team as well.  We want to lead by example and “walk the walk” not just “talk the talk”.

  • Team will meet weekly to discuss upcoming events, student behavior, and seek ways to improve the 5th grade team and the school.
  • Ensure that homework meaningful and challenging not just busy work.
  • Demonstrate to our students that we care for them and respect them through our interactions with them inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Strive to make lessons engaging, challenging, and interesting.
  • Post 2+ grades per week to track student progress.
  • Be a role model of the PATH culture “Be nice. Work hard. Be on task. Be on time.” and guide our students to exhibit these qualities as well.
  • Reward good behavior and working hard with incentives.
  • Instill the PATH Culture in our students to prepare them their time at PATH
  • Teach an organizational system to aid students not only at PATH but for life.


Useful resources for 5th grade:


5th grade level highlights (Why it’s awesome to be a 5th grader at PATH!):

  • The powerbands fitness challenge.
  • Using technology like tablets, chromebooks, or Mac computers almost every day in class!
  • We reward students for working hard and being nice with time outside, special clubs, and homework passes, etc…
  • We go on several cool field trips during the year!
  • Homogenous class grouping based on a student’s areas of strength.