6th Grade Mission Statement

Sixth grade’s goal is to help students adjust to the new and challenging demands of middle school, both academically and socially. As sixth graders transition into a middle school setting, they are expected to take on more responsibility for their own learning. Our role as teachers is to provide the tools, routines, and resources to aid students in this transition. Additionally, we work to foster character development through reading, writing, and discussing topics that encourage collaboration and caring for others. Ultimately, sixth grade is a year to build the fundamentals of both knowledge and character that will carry students through the rest of their educational careers.


Teacher Contact Info

Mrs. French – Language Arts – kfrench@pathacademy.org Class Syllabus:

Dr. Shrout – Language Arts – kshrout@pathacademy.org Class Syllabus:

Mr. Ravula – Math – pravula@pathacademy.org Class Syllabus:

Ms. Newman – Social Studies – knewman@pathacademy.org Class Syllabus:

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  • IXL (Log in for extra practice in all your core subject areas.)
  • Nearpod
  • Quizlet (Use to review key terms in social studies and language arts!)
  • Edmodo (Complete your science homework here!)
  • Google Classroom (Log in with your PATH Gmail account. Check frequently for announcements and assignments in language arts and social studies.)
  • Lizard Point (Practice your geography skills with these fun quizzes!)
  • Flocabulary (Use to review your social studies terms!)
  • Infinite Campus Parent Login (Check your child’s grades.) 


Policies & Expectations

Working and Silent Lunch

    • Will be held daily in Mr. Ravula’s classroom.
  • Working lunch – Student go at the beginning of recess and may leave once they complete their work with fidelity. Must bring all the things they need with them – they will not be allowed to leave the room once they’re there.
  • Silent lunch – Student must stay the entire time. They will complete a silent lunch reflection and turn it into Mr. Ravula that day. They ARE allowed to work on other work after they complete the reflection.
  • Mr. Ravula will keep documentation of students attending.


Homework/Detention Policy

  • 3 zeros on paycheck will result in a detention.
  • 2 halves count as one zero.
  • Students must return the signed detention form immediately after being assigned. Failure to return the form will result in a silent lunch.


Missing Paychecks

  • Students must see Mr. Ravula for a new paycheck. They receive a $20 penalty.
  • A detention will be assigned on the third lost paycheck.


Discipline Policy

1 Non-verbal warning
2 Verbal Warning
3 Money off of paycheck
4 Money off of paycheck; phone call home; silent lunch
5 Money off of paycheck; phone call home; detention
6 Principal Referral


End of Year Field Trip

  • Where? Washington, D.C.
  • When? Monday, May 14 – Friday, May 18
  • Who? All 5th and 6th grade students who earn the required amount of money on their PATH paychecks and meet our behavior and academic expectations.
  • How much? The trip costs $450/student. You may pay all at once or in installments.
  • What? Students will visit:
    – Arlington National Cemetery
    – Smithsonian Museums
    -A play and the museum at Ford’s Theater
    – Holocaust Museum
    – International Spy Museum. 
  • Cost includes all food, transportation on chartered buses, activities led by a knowledgeable tour guide, and hotel.